2024 Market Update Event - Recap

2024 Market Update Event - Recap

January 25, 2024

We want to thank everyone who attended last Wednesday’s seminar. We hope you enjoyed the presentation and took something valuable from it. If you were unable to attend last Wednesday, we wanted to share three main takeaways.

Year 2 of the Bull Market: The most recent bull market officially started on 10/12/2022. Historically, Bull markets entering in their second year do not have the same type of robust return seen in their first year, but still boast above average returns.

Presidential Election Years: While plenty remains uncertain throughout the year about who will be in the White House next year, the market tends to react favorably to election years historically. The third quarter of a presidential election year is where on average the bulk of return comes from. Do keep in mind that is a historical average and does not guarantee future returns. As the year progresses, investors get more clarity on future policy implications of the new administration and digest what the future may hold the next four years.

Federal Reserve Rate Cuts: More and more talk from the Fed saying they are willing to entertain rate cuts this year has led to optimism for investors. Rates being lowered allow for more people to buy cars and houses, allows for businesses access to credit to continue expanding their operations, which in turn is typically a bullish sign for the economy.

Again, we want to thank all who attended, and we look forward to seeing you along with new faces at our next event!